Are you struggling to make smart nutrition & lifestyle decisions at work?

Are you and your team members:

  • Too overwhelmed with your fast-paced work environment to eat healthfully and exercise?
  • Struggling to manage stress and create work life balance with pressing deadlines and competing priorities?
  • Relying on misguided fads and sensational headlines for nutrition and wellness information?
  • Disappointed and even more confused after diet fads continue to fail you?
  • Burning out with diminished levels of energy and productivity?
  • Overindulging in DC’s (in)famous work hard, play hard happy hour culture, compounding chronic stress and adversely affecting long-term health?
  • Confused on where to turn for guidance and support?

Live Deliciously (LD) Workplace Wellness helps you:

  • Create  an authentic, consistent experience of wellness in the workplace
  • Learn from DC’s most engaging experts in traditional and integrative health
  • Access solid, reliable nutrition information with fresh, innovative insight
  • Identify and meet unique health goals with personalized coaching
  • Make smarter choices in healthy eating and lifestyle
  • Create long-term shift in habits to stay healthy and productive.
  • Achieve dramatic, lasting results in getting and staying healthy
  • Foster work-life balance even with the most demanding of work schedules

LD Workplace Wellness Provides:

  • Brownbag  Presentations with DC’s most engaging experts
  • On-on-One Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching for team members with personalized support in goal-setting and advice
  • Live Deliciously 101 Group Courses with
      • Breakroom Cooking Demonstrations
      • Healthy Field Trips
      • Online Modules with tools, resources, and solutions for healthy Grocery Shopping, LD formulas and recipes for exciting, personalized meal plans,  and smart nutrition & lifestyle choices in high pressure work environments and at home


What folks have to say about LD Workplace Wellness

“I really enjoyed meeting with Dahlia. She helped me think about my wellness routine in a new way.

Our conversation was genuinely fun and helpful, leaving me feeling more aware of the resources all around me. Since we spoke I’ve prepared healthy plant-based meals for myself and neighbors, walked to work, walked with a friend, and even enjoyed fitting in a trip to the gym. I feel less internal pressure to schedule out and check off a regimen, and more appreciation of my capacity to intuitively build a mosaic of movement options in my beautiful city. Thank you Dahlia for the gentle way you helped me to shift my way of seeing what’s possible. I am grateful that Hanover booked you!”

-Kristina, November 2015

“I’ve made some progress based on your recommendations from our last meeting… The meal schedule you suggested has helped with the gut and digestion issues… I’m happy I was able to get personalized coaching in healthy weight loss and other wellness issues.”

-Katherine, April 2015

“Thanks again for your advice! I’ve been eating a high quality breakfast, cutting down on snacks and have felt significantly better. Thanks!”

- Kate, May 2015

“[Since our consultation] I have switched from white rice to brown rice. I have stopped overeating at night. I’ve also started working out every day! I have a dedicated gym buddy which really helps! I have stepped away from sodas all together and I’m drinking more water each day. Yay health!”

-Stephanie, May 2015

“I took your advice about eating breakfast first before coffee and I am happy to report that I have much more energy in the morning already! I am getting up a little earlier every day in order to eat a high quality breakfast and have not been so groggy in the morning.”

-Joe, November 2015


Workshops and Events

Monthly Workshops

Corporate clients can provide employees monthly workshops tailored for their needs with engaging presenters and fresh content on topics ranging from caffeine, sugar, productivity, and happy hour. Proposed roster of topics and presenters include:

  • What Paleo Gets Right: Nutritional Wisdom from our Ancestors with Dahlia Shaaban
  • Power of Communication in Physical and Emotional Health with Dalila Adams, Communication and Leadership Coach with Dalila Inspires
  • Sugar, Alcohol & Happy Hour Culture with Michell Stanley, Psychotherapist and Founder of Moksha Living
  • Sleep, Natural Rhythm, and Productivity with Dr. Daniel Lewin, Pediatric Psychologist and Sleep Specialist at Children’s National Medical Center and Associate Professor at the George Washington University
  • Balancing Act: Work Hard, Play Hard, and Radical Self Care with Angela Cerkevich, Psychotherapist and Dahlia

Individual Health Consultations

Employees have access to individual intake and evaluation consultations at the start and end of six-month programs, supporting them in reaching their self-identified health goals. In each half-day visit, Dahlia can meet with up to 8 employees. Dahlia collects employee health information using HIPAA-compliant forms and processes.

Monthly Individual Coaching Calls

Depending on package, employees have access to 15 minute coaching calls with Dahlia via Citrix-powered telesoftware, working with 4-8 employees per window one of two hours. Dahlia protects all employee health information using HIPAA-compliant forms and processes.

Weekly Coaching Emails

Participants will also receive weekly coaching emails with ready-to-order shopping list via Relay Foods, meal plans, recipes and secrets of radical self care.

Weekly Virtual Group Hangouts

Weekly Virtual Group Hangouts
To keep the momentum going between events and calls, participants will also have access to 30 minute virtual hangouts.

VIP Perks

As participants in Dahlia Nutrition & Wellness Programs, employees will enjoy the following promotions and discounts on wellness services, treatments, and events around town!

  • 10% off on all bodywork and yoga with Dahlia for the duration of the six-month program.
  • FREE admittance to all Live Deliciously events
PACKAGE FEATURES Immersion Integration Foundation
Workshop and Events
Six Monthly Workshops
Healthy Eating Tour
Cooking with Whole Foods Demonstration
On-Site Coaching
Intake Health Consultations
Evaluation Health Consultations
Snack Bar Makeover
Virtual Coaching
Monthly Individual Coaching Calls (2 hour window)
Monthly Individual Coaching Calls (1 hour window)
Weekly Emails with Ready-to-Order Shopping Lists via Relay Foods, Meal Plans, Recipes and Tips of Radical Self Care
Virtual Group Hangouts
VIP Perks