Wild Rice Adventures

Grain of the Week: Wild Rice!

Grain of the Week: Wild Rice!

This week’s *whole* grain is Wild Rice.

As I mentioned last week, grains are a vital, unrefined source of plant-based dietary fiber needed for optimal digestive and metabolic function.

Now the Paleo folks like to rag on grains because they were not part of some archetypal hunter-gatherer diet … and can be inflammatory in nature when refined (white rice) and consumed in excess.

The thing is, the growth of human civilization as we know it is only made possible by the agricultural innovations of our ancestors, including the cultivation of grains.

Wild rice is one of the healthiest, least inflammatory grains out there (learned that from my mentor of yore, Nicole Mires of Pekoe Acupuncture in Shaw). And the secret is to rotate out your grains… keep it fresh, keep it moving so your body doesn’t develop sensitivities.

With that, wild rice stars as the foundation of week’s adventures.

The Mighty Grain Bowl

The living's easy...

The living’s easy…

Grain bowls are an awesome meal, any meal. And very easy to put together. If the grain is already prepared and on hand, say cooking on a Sunday, on a Tuesday, you could sautee fresh greens and seasonal veggies to go on top and have a meal in 10 minutes. Seriously  :-)

Say… like Brussels sprouts take about 5-7 minutes to sear.

I like to use the same skillet to heat up the wild rice.. efficient, picks up seared bits of veggies, and no *microwaves* passing through your food.

Green: Brussels Sprouts
Grain: Wild Rice

Cheese: Yogurt

Sprinkles: Za’atar from Bazaar Spices
Swirls: Black truffle olive oil from The Mediterranean Way

The Soul-Satisfying Salad

And sometimes it’s nice to throw in a handful of whole grains to your salads to make them heartier, full meals.

Salad, Funkified

Salad, Funkified

Green: Russian kale
Grain: Wild rice
Fruits: Apricot and candied ginger

Sprinkles of lavender salt from Bazaar Spices
Squeezes of Lemon
Swirls of Black Truffle Olive Oil from The Mediterranean Way

Grain Bowl, Part Deux

Final offering of the wild rice LD series.. another mighty grain bowl with collards & fresh English peas. This was breakfast  ;-)

With fresh Engligh Peas from the Far Mar

With fresh Engligh Peas from the Far Mar

Greens: collards & English peas
Grain: wild rice

Sprinkles: smoked paprika & pink Himalayan salt
Squeezes: lemon
Swirls: olive oil


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