Live Deliciously Individual Coaching

I provide different options to you as a client in working together, suited for a range of budget levels.  Each Live Deliciously package is six months in duration because this is the time period in which my clients experience long-term impact and results.

Two live coaching sessions and two virtual hangouts per month, online coaching, unlimited email support, VIP perks, and three special events, .   $450/month

The most integrative, nourishing, and robust Live Deliciously individual program is designed to provide the most integrative structure and support for the most high-achieving individuals who are ready for some serious, personalized, and lasting results. Combining inspirational live coaching sessions, virtual coaching – complete with hangouts and weekly ready-to-order shopping lists via Relay Foods, meal plans, recipes and tips of radical self care, three special events, and special wellness perks, clients will learn everything they need to know about healthy nutrition, lifestyle, and stress management and will work together to reach their optimal health goals.

One live coaching session and two virtual hangouts per month, online coaching, unlimited email support, VIP perks, and two special events,.   $375/month

This Live Deliciously package is designed to provide comprehensive structure and support for clients in meeting their self-identified goals. Combining inspirational live and virtual coaching,  two special events, and special wellness perks, clients benefit from an integrative and authentic experience of wellness to create long-term results in transforming diet, lifestyle, and stress management.

Two virtual hangouts per month, online coaching, unlimited email support, VIP perks, and one special event.   $250/month

This Live Deliciously individual package is designed to be a launching board in empowering clients to transform their health. Combining inspirational workshops, virtual coaching, and special wellness perks, individuals will receive the foundational tools they need to transform their health, stress management, and vitality.

PACKAGE FEATURES Immersion Integration Foundation
Live Coaching
Virtual Hangouts
Weekly Online Coaching
Special Events
Healthy Eating Tour
Kitchen Makeover
Cooking with Whole Foods Demonstration
VIP Perks

Special Services and Events

Three-hour Private Shopping  and  Dinner  Party  Prep

  • Healthy Eating Tour-  a personalized shopping trip with practical guidance in making the wisest choices at the grocery store and meal planning savvy with seasonal, whole food ingredients.
  • A customized Live Deliciously cooking lesson and dinner party prep with indulgent and exciting  ingredients

75 minute Kitchen Makeover

Program your kitchen to work for you: stock it with the essentials every homechef needs, get the healthiest ingredients, purge refined junk masquerading as healthy food (we all have it!) & embrace culinary adventures ahead.

Coaching Calls Get personalized nutrition and lifestyle guidance and inspiration with two 30 minute video coaching calls per month.

Weekly Coaching Emails Receive weekly coaching emails with culinary inspiration, recipes, seasonal shopping lists, and solutions for stress management and radical self care.

VIP Perks Enjoy the following promotions and discounts on wellness services, treatments, and events around town!

FREE admittance to all Live Deliciously Events