The Thing About Resolutions

I’ve had many resolutions – New Year’s or otherwise – in my lifetime.  Over the past few years, I have vowed to:
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Wake up earlier
Practice yoga daily
Start running again? (can my hips still take it?)
Those last 5 pounds…..
Eliminate ALL processed foods from my diet
Befriend and utilize new media
Get my “stuff” together
Keep apartment clean
All of these start from a place where usually after reading a good book or an article, getting up early and doing my daily practice, and so forth that I was able to articulate that these were things that I consistently wanted for myself.
When I wasn’t able to integrate these intentions as often as I would have liked, I ended up getting disappointed and just walking away from it all together. I’d find myself just waiting for the point in my life when I had my “stuff” together. Perfect job, perfect body, perfect relationships with those I love.  Ultimately that perfection was never there. Especially the more I compared myself to others and measured their successes against mine.
This year I didn’t make any one resolution to a particular good habit or goal.  I’m committing to a new perspective -to see perfection where there already is and  to move slowly and deliberately towards larger goals.  Fine, I have not yet eliminated all processed foods, or consistently met deadlines, or stayed on top of laundry.  Just because I fall back into old habits here and there, does not mean that I deserve these things any less.
For instance, I recently got engaged over the holidays. And it is truly a wonderful time where it seems my excitement over planning our wedding and starting this new phase in our relationship tends to consume my thoughts.  Can it serve as a distraction in checking off items on the ever-growing to-do list? Certainly. But so what? Why shouldn’t I enjoy my engagement without feeling guilty about other tasks that are not getting met at the moment? After all, I know that intentions I have committed to years ago – studying healing and nutrition, having my own practice, getting married to my best friend – are taking shape, even through all the rough starts and detours. Why can’t I find perfection in what’s here and now?
I hope this year proves fruitful  for you in not only integrating your own resolutions into your life, but finding abundance and perfection in what already is.
Much love,

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