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Live Deliciously: A Formula

Greens for the Week: Chard, Kale, Dandelion

Greens for the Week: Chard, Kale, Dandelion

The LD system for healthy eating is an easy, indulgent, & inspired 5 step formula with Mediterranean sensibilities. And it starts with Greens, Beans & Grains.

I always like to start the week purchasing no more than three dark leafy greens that I keep fresh in the fridge – this week I chose Swiss Chard, Dandelion Greens, and Kale.

From there I’ll prep one whole grain and one bean or legume for the week. This week I chose French lentils and Red Himalayan Rice from Bazaar Spices… These are my ingredients for unscripted culinary adventure.

For the lentils, my trifecta of cooling, anti-inflammatory Mediterranean spices I typically use for legumes are: cumin, coriander, and turmeric.

For the red rice, my trifecta of spices I’ll typically use for grains are: cinnamon, allspice, and turmeric.

Find them at Bazaar Spices and build your own blends from there!

Grain and Bean for the Week

Grain and Bean for the Week

LD Formula in Action: Take ONE

Continuing on with LD formula for culinary adventure and super easy meal planning.
I’ll always prepare a bean or legume for the week as I rely on them for chief source of protein and nutrient-dense plant-based fiber to support functional & digestive health.

In this meal, I paired lentils with side salad of shredded Swiss Chard and chopped peaches. Easy peasy.


Green: Chard – versatile green kept raw in salads or sauteed
Bean: Lentils
Fruit: peaches

Sprinkles of Lavender salt from Bazaar Spices over salad
Squeezes of lemon on everything
Swirls of olive oil

LD Formula: Take TWO

I’ll always prepare one grain for the week because it is a nutrient-dense source of plant-based fiber that is vital for metabolic and functional health. Yes, grains are a carb. And no, not all carbs are bad. Seriously. Get that sensational mid-90s nonsense out of your head.

Our ancestors typically enjoyed diets that were 75% carbohydrate including whole grains and vegetables.

Not all carbs are created equal. And when you think of whole grains think of actual kernels of grain that have the natural bran intact. It is the bran that holds the grain’s nutrients and fiber. This means whole grain breads and other products don’t count.

When a grain has the fiber stripped off… say in the case of white rice, that grain is essentially reduced into a simple carbohydrate that is metabolized in the body in the same way that sugar would be… increasing insulin resistance and fat storage.

Ok… onward. So I took my red rice and tossed it into a simple salad.

Sometimes just toss a grain into a salad... bonafide, hearty meal!

Sometimes just toss a grain into a salad… bonafide, hearty meal!

Green: Kale
Grain: Himalayan Red Rice
Fruit: Medjool Date

Sprinkles of Za’atar and Rosemary Salt from Bazaar Spices
Squeezes of Lemon
Swirls of Black Truffle Olive Oil and Fig Balsamic from The Mediterranean Way

LD Formula: Take THREE

Next up in formula inspiration.. Sometimes there is nothing quite like beans and greens.

Green & Bean

Green & Bean



To make magic

To make magic…

Green: Dandelion Greens
Bean: Lentils

Sprinkles of Urfa pepper from Bazaar Spices

LD Formula: Final Take

Alright alright last meal inspiration in this week’s LD series. One of my favorite uses of leftovers… Lazy Poached Eggs.

I went through kale, dandelion greens and chard with all my entertaining this week. A friend left behind collard greens so I used them in the mix.

Crack egg over, add a *little* water to edges, cover with lid, steam. Voila!

Leftovers are always mighty fine for breakfast

Leftovers are always mighty fine for breakfast

Green: Collard Greens
Grain: Red Rice

Sprinkles of Ethiopian Berbere pepper blend from Bazaar Spices.