Exciting New BellySatva Offerings for 2012!

So many of the intiatives I have been working on for the past year are beginning to take shape.  First up, locally-beloved acupuncturist Nicole Mires reports that the expansion of her practice Pekoe Wellness is ready for opening in February.  The space will offer massage, acupuncture, holistic health and nutritional coaching, Thai yoga therapy, community treatments, transformational life coaching, private and semi private yoga classes, meditation, Tai Qi martial arts, workshops, and more! Check out Nicole’s announcement and my office hour schedule below for more information.

Pekoe will also provide the home to BellySatva’s Group Wellness Series to launch Wednesday March 7th at 6 p.m.  In a fun, supporive group setting, participants will enjoy the tools, recources, and knowledge to meet their wellness goals, including sustainable weight loss, increased energy, and detoxification. Based on the principle that everyone comes with his or her own unique health concerns, group workshops and discussions will examine the confluence of bio-individuality and lifestyle on cultivating wellness.  Contact me now for information, only a few spaces are left!

In other news, please check out two new classes that I have added to my teaching schedule below, including a class in my home studio Flow Yoga Center, where I came into my practice almost 7 years ago, and the spiritually fly Fath Hunter’s yoga loft Embrace Yoga.  Stay tuned for news on the opening of powerhouse Emma Saal’s joint, Epic Yoga coming soon.

Please enjoy the contents of this month’s newsletter, including locally-acclaimed massage therapist Tom Coen’s New Year’s prescription to bring life into intention with parallel breaths and my uber-simple roasted root veggie medley. I’m off to Thailand for my honeymoon in February, so I’ll check back in upon arrival stateside :-)

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