On Integrating Inspiration…

With the new year approaching, I have been relfecting back on where I was this time least year.  It was was perhaps one of toughest spaces in my life. Life had knocked me around professionally, physically, and emotionally and I was struggling to get back on my feet and move forward with the path I knew I wanted for myself – to take my pie in the sky dream of having my own holistic health practice and bring it in to fruition.

I look back at my writings around that time and a general theme running through all of them is the importance of cultivating self compassion.  Staying committed to myself and my goals in spite of the setbacks and disappointments along the way.  Otherwise, any setback, anytime I effed up or things didn’t go my way could become a convenient excuse to unravel into self-pity and self-destruction.  In that space I would similarly encourage my readers to build that space for compassion towards themselves so they too could stay committed to their wellness goals without getting discouraged.  Slow change, I wrote, is sustainable change.  It’s that relaxed, nuturing pragmatism I believe that resonated with my readers and attracted new clients.

One year later, in this new space where I am not only back on my feet, but have slowly built a strong client base and designed a range of services to meet their needs,  I realize that what I need now is to hold myself accountable. To effectively manage my energy so I can balance business demands and still commit to my wellbeing.  And it seems now that the universe is unfolding in a way where I am attracting clients who, yes, are craving a nurturing presence in their lives that inspires healthy change, but is a force of accountability to make sure that the inspiration materializes into the shifts they are seeking.

With this intention, please enjoy the contents of this month’s newsletter, including a cozy home remedy from local acupunturist and wellness maven Nicole Mires of Pekoe Acupunture and my vegetarian rendition of Harira, Morocco’s famous tomato chickpeas stew.

Be well and and have a wonderful holiday season.

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