This Cusp of All Things New….

Last month I wrote that I was off to Thailand for my honeymoon and that you may not hear from me until I return.  However, I have so many updates and wellness tips to share this month that I had to touch base before leaving tomorrow!

Firstly, please join me for the launch of BellySatva’s Group Wellness Series Wednesday March 7th at 6 p.m at Pekoe Wellness in downtown DC! If you struggle with sustaining weight loss, increasing your energy, or detoxing- this is the perfect community for you.  Based on the principle that everyone comes with his or her own unique health concerns we will examine the confluence of bio-individuality and lifestyle on cultivating wellness in a fun, supporive group setting. Participants will meet up to three times monthly for dynamic discussions on wellness themes and workshopsand enjoy the tools, recources, and knowledge to meet their wellness goals. Contact me now for information or register on the BellySatva Home page.  Only a few spaces are left!

In other news, powerhouse yogini and Budukon master Emma Saal’s joint, Epic Yoga is opening soon, very soon, in Dupont Circle on the south side of Connecticut next to Madhatter and Yola.  And my new three classes should be ready to rock when I get back! Continue to check in on FB for updates.

Please enjoy the contents of this month’s offerings, including the ultimate DIY beautification fun from local yoga therapy authority Megan Davis and my fancy foodie project Butternut Squash Brown Rice Risotto with Shitake Mushrooms, Kale, and Black Walnuts. See you in a couple weeks, hopefully with new fun Thai massage techniques and recipes up my sleeve ;-)

Be well and lots of love.


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