Lazy Poached Eggs

 In a rush? Easy there. This is a super simple way to get in a nutrient dense breakfast in minutes before rushing out for the morning hustle. This will work with just about any veggies, grains, and legumes you have on hand. Easy to prepare for single serving or to feed many…

This is an example of one of my favorite recipes.



Cook time: 3-5 min
One egg
a good handful of shredded kale… say a cup
1/2 cup of cooked sweet potatoes (shredded, diced, whatever’s clever)
1) In a small skillet swirl in olive oil and sweet potatoes and kale over medium high heat.
2) Then gather veggie mix to the center of the skillet, leaving about one inch perimeter of empty space around.
3) Crack an egg over veggies. Immediately pour a splash of water (ideally like a tablespoon or so from a hot tea kettle)
4) Immediately cover with lid. Allow that goodness to steam for a minute of so… juuust until the egg whites cook and the yolk settles- which you want to keep runny so you can enjoy that nutrient dense source of vitamin D without worrying about the oxidation of the cholesterol content.
5) Uncover and serve with crack of pink Himalayan salt and black pepper.

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