Nourishment, Beyond the Image of Things… and Tailfeathers

Hey Heya!

It’s been quite a 2016, dontchathink?  For me personally it has been a transformative year, in which I have stepped more into the power of my voice and my story.  Shifting patterns of shrinking and people-pleasing and approval addiction.  And receiving help without feeling ashamed and fighting back.


And understanding that my voice, beyond my image – in its intensity, its silliness, and its experiences -is more powerful than I often I understand.  And sometimes, often, it scares the shit outta me.

The momentum of the LD Tribe, a closed FB community, this past year has inspired me  in unlocking my own voice in this work.

Knowing that the Live Deliciously vision of food as an integral part of a nourished, connected lifestyle not only resonates with this tribe, but has inspired members in their own paths.

And in this project of unlocking my voice, I’m launching a Live Deliciously podcast in 2017. Stay tuned.

In the meanwhile, check out this diddy below, messing around with co-conspirator Dustin Canter.

Topics include:

  • Spirit animals and tailfeathers with Eric Schwarz
  • Food as part of a nourished, connected lifestyle
  • Beyond the Image of Things
  • Indulgence of Senses and the Limbic System

Love love!

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