Quinoa, Tribal Inspiration (Part I)

Next up in grain feature: Quinoa

Next up in grain feature: Quinoa

So… next “grain” we’re exploring has been on trend for over a decade now. Quinoa is not actually a proper grain, but a seed from a flowering South American plant. As a seed it is pure protein, and perhaps one of the most complete plant-based proteins on the planet with all of the essential amino acids your body does not naturally produce. That’s why they call it a superfood ;-)

Check it out in pearly raw form to the left.

To the right you’ll find it simmered in cinnamon and allspice. Cooks up in no time too. After a quick soak and rinse, bring to a boil. Reduce to simmer. Done in 5-7 minutes. You’ll know it’s done when it turns *translucent*.

Easy peasy.

Morning Grain Bowl

Psssht... Who needs cereal?

Psssht… Who needs cereal?

Who says breakfast has to come out of a box or package? Rethink the Standard American Diet and the same old same old morning cereal.

Our ancestors enjoyed nutrient-dense breakfasts with *whole* grains, legumes and fresh fruits and veggies… Honest fuel for the day. For millenia.

Introducing a morning grain bowl with quinoa.

Green: Spinach
Grain: Quinoa
Cheese: Feta
Fruit: Raisins
Sprinkles: Zaatar & Almonds
Squeezes: Lemon

Dinner Alight

Continuing inspiration with the world’s most famous pseudo-grain. This was dinner, knocked out in 10 minutes. Crispy collards and hen of the woods mushrooms over quinoa with feta.

Ingredients for Dinnertime Magic

Ingredients for Dinnertime Magic

The magic of mushrooms

The magic of mushrooms

Collards & Shrooms on Fire

Collards & Shrooms on Fire


Sprinkles of sunflower seeds
Squeezes of lemon
Swirls of pomegranate balsamic vinegar

The Tribe Floods In…

After posting these quinoa dishes to the Live Deliciously FB group, the LD tribe was alight with inspiration and posts came in from… EVERYWHERE! Check it!



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