Quinoa, Tribal Inspiration (Part II)


When I cook, I don’t think recipes. I think a formula… I’ll prepare a grain or a bean and sneak in greens from there.

When I featured quinoa on the Live Deliciously FB page, members from all corners of the LD Tribe began to post all sorts of quinoa inspiration.  Check it!

Ditch the Cereal for a Soul Satisfying Brekkie


From LD Member BG:

When you told me to eat quinoa for breakfast I think you could tell I was pretty skeptical. I was wrong. You were right. It’s delicious!

Today I had fried quinoa (cracked an egg into it) with pumpkin seeds, blueberries, and a little maple syrup. Yummy!

A few days ago I had a savory version with Cajun seasoning instead of maple syrup. Also scrumptious.

Aztec Gold… err Porridge

If you ask most Americans about easy, healthy breakfast, most will tell you about their oatmeal- whether it’s the instant (read: nutritionally-void) Quaker variety or the more fiber-rich, whole grain steel-cut kind. It’s a great place to start the day, a belly-warming whole grain porridge.  I usually offer Aztec Gold as a breakfast solution for clients.


Check out inspiration from LD member KK:

I eat quinoa for breakfast sometimes here in Quito–mixed with amaranth and flax seeds. I toast the quinoa and amaranth for a minute in a pan over low heat, then add water, a chopped apple, cinnamon stick, cloves, and a pinch of salt. Bring to a boil, then simmer until cooked. I add a spoonful or two of ground flax seed and sprinkle of brown sugar. Delish and satisfying.

Quinoa & Eggs

You may already know, I’m a big fan of Lazy Poached Eggs.  Eqqs over any greens, beans or grains is a mighty fine way to start the day,

Poached eggs have a special place in the LD healthy eating formula. Not only do they remind me of morning playdates, but poaching eggs is hands down the healthiest way to enjoy them.

Did you know runny egg yoke is quite healthy? By keeping egg yoke as runny as possible, it keeps all the heart healthy long omega-3 fatty acid chains in tact… It’s only when egg yokes over-oxidize and solidify- say in a hard boiled egg, that the cholesterol content becomes problematic.

So enjoy your eggs poached, over easy, runny and soak up with grains and veggies.. Your heart and belly will thank you.


From LD member EO:

Saturday breakfast: red quinoa, kale, avocado, salsa verde, poached free range eggs, and green chile seasoning to top it off.

Lazy Lunches

I’m no fan of skimpy salads of romaine lettuce and tomatoes and cukes… You?

We can always make lunchtime salads more interesting and *satisfying* by throwing in a grain. Check out these summertime quinoa salad offering from the Tribe.

Inspiration from AR:


Lunch: quinoa, spinach, chick pea salad. Yum!

It’s just raw & chopped up. I coated the chickpeas with garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, parsley & salt/pepper. Quinoa for the week! Chickpeas devoured  :)  lentils tomorrow!


Inspiration from LB:



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