Vroom! And away we go on an aeroplane…

And I’m off. Excited. Anxious.

Wrapped up the best I could in DC: Clients prepared to work with me on the road.  Classes subbed. Subletter settled in my place. Closure- the good kind – with an ex who still haunted my internal feedback loop. Parting of ways with a beloved mentor- the most foundational in my practice as a healer.

Freedom to explore and grow- without attachment, without the weight of emotional indebtedness, holding onto relationships that had run their course..

Fretting a bit about what’s ahead:

Pushing through my broken, childish Arabic to authentically connect without anxiety or embarrassment.

Traveling and working during Ramadan- an auspicious, devotional time of year for Muslims to bear witness to their attachments and transcend them.. when I haven’t truly immersed in the fasting rituals since senior year in college. And trying to teach nutrition & healthy eating all the while.

The journey begins. Taking off tonight for Cairo. In my practice to balance curiosity & wonderment with savvy, it is still my plan to show up and serve- without preconceived notions of what that may look like.

Perhaps it is just to be a witness.

For my Cairo tribe- including those I’ve yet to meet - catch me teaching  workshops at Ashtanga Yoga Cairo and The Nun Center.

More soon…

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